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    A Brief Introduction of Ouyang Xiu School
    by Director Li Cuiyin of International Department 2023/08/15
    來源:國際部 發布日期:2023年9月3日 作者:李翠銀 閱讀298次

    Yichang OuyangXiu School is a full-timeprivate complete secondary school established with the approval of theMunicipal Education Bureau of Yichang City. Located at No.9 Wulian Road,Dianjun District, Yichang City, Hubei Province, the school consists of threeparts- Junior Middle school,Senior High School and International Department. 

    From 2014 to 2023, it was established atNo. 45 Nanjinguan Road, Xiling Xiakou Scenic Area. With ten years of hard workand perseverance, Ouyang Xiu school has already overcome all kinds of difficultiesand explored an extraordinary path of development. Adhereing to the educationalphilosophy of "Be sincere and nurture upright", our school  has formed a schoolethos of "Knowledgeablewith correct visions, health and integrity" ,a teaching style of"Stand upright both mentally andphysically with a harmonious demeanor", and an academic style of"Scholarly and refined with vitality".The quality of education and teaching activities has been continuouslyimproving, and the characteristics of running a school have gradually emerged, withthe social impact expanding and the brand reputation gradually known both athome and abroad.

    In 2021, the school has established adevelopment strategy of "Followingthe path of guessing products, developing towards delicacy, and establishingclassic private schools", investing 200 million yuan in site selectionand construction. During the same period, the merger and integration of YichangCambridge International Exchange School expanded the space for internationaleducation. In the autumn of 2023, the construction was completed and relocatedto a new site - No. 9 Wulian Road, Dianjun District. The school covers an areaof over 40 acres, with over 900 students and over a hundred faculty members, amongwhom, there are 3 special level teachers in Hubei Province, 3 regularvocational teachers, over 20 senior teachers, and famous teachers in Yichang, morethan 30 disciplined leaders and 24 backbone teachers. At present, the qualityof education and teaching has been continuously increasing, ranking among thetop of similar schools, and the characteristics of education are graduallyemerging. Traditional cultural education achievements are numerous. OuyangXiu'sspirit of unity and upward mobility, dedication to education and perseverance havebeen widely praised,. Today's Ouyang Xiu School is embarking on a new journeywith a brand new attitude.

    1、 First- class hardware facilities.

    The school building is designed and builtaccording to modern school standards, with a novel design and interconnectedcorridors. The classroom is transparent and bright, with first-class facilitiesand high-end multimedia. The functional room is fully equipped, including alibrary, reading room, instrument room, laboratory, psychological consultationroom, microcomputer room, voice room, music room, dance room, studio, standardtrack and field sports field, football field, and indoor sports hall. Garden stylecampus with inter-planting of trees, shrubs, and pavilions, creating abeautiful environment.

    2、 An outstanding group of teachers.

    We have widely introduced renowned teachersfrom across the country as the chief teachers, and selected a group ofoutstanding master's students from 211 and 985 universities to enrich theteaching team, who are particularly experienced gatekeepers and supervisors forpreparing for the middle and high school entrance exams, forming an outstandinggroup of young and middle-aged backbone teachers, responsible and energetic.

    3、 Expert management team.

    The core members of the school managementteam are all from the management teams of prestigious junior and high schools,all of whom have rich management experience and advanced educational concepts.

    4、 Efficient educational and teaching strategies

    No.1 is to implement small class teaching,strengthen teaching pertinence and effectiveness; The second is to deepenclassroom reform, with the goal of stimulating students' potential andimproving teaching quality, and vigorously advocate the teaching paradigm of"Teaching based on learning, encouragingcooperative exploration"; Thirdly, we will solidly carry out theresearch and development of school-based courses, with the aim of stimulatingstudents' interests and developing their strengths. We will offer courses onreading, appreciating, experiencing, and practicing traditional culture,history, literature, art, sports, society, and the humanities of the ThreeGorges region, in order to promote students' comprehensive development; Thefourth is to implement the moral education mentor system, build a "threecomprehensive" education mechanism, and focus on cultivating students'quality.

    Internationalized educational perspective 

    The school has established an internationaldepartment to introduce high-quality educational resources, with the goal of"Cultivating future talents with Chinese sentiments and globalperspectives". It expands students' communication platforms and broadentheir international perspectives in curriculum integration, complementaritybetween China and foreign countries, resource sharing, and guidance for furthereducation. It also conducts various forms of cooperative education with highschool schools in Europe, America, and other countries, making extensive use ofvarious resources and its own teaching advantages to offer diversifiedinternational courses, open up convenient channels for high school students tostudy abroad and further their studies.

    6、 A distinctive campus culture.

    The school vigorously strengthens culturalconstruction, with the tone of "learning to ascend to Zhixitang andinheriting Ouyang Xiu", combining tradition and modernity, integratingEast and West, and creating a distinctive "Zhixi-Well-being" culture.The school will absolutely adhere to the motto of "Self-reliance and Self-improvement,Utmost kindness and Heartfelt Joy", with the goal of "running aschool with soul and cultivating responsible students", and effectivelyshoulder the responsibility and mission of educating people for our country.









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